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REM-Fit Active 100 Tracker

The REM-Fit Active 100 sleep and activity wrist tracker uses proprietary algorithms to give you SleepPoints based on how well you slept at night and ActivePoints based on the activity you do throughout the day. These two scores work to contribute to your 360 LifeScore, based on the quality of your sleep and the intensity of your activity. Strive for a LifeScore of 360 each day for a well rounded (360°) and healthy day. Additionally, the REM-Fit Active 100 can track your steps, distance and calories burned. REM-Fit Active 100 motivates you to move more, get better sleep, get healthy and reach your goals!

100 Night Free Trial
15 Year Guarantee
Free Next Day Delivery
REM-Fit Active 100 sleep and activity tracker
REM-Fit Active Tracker 100

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