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Tips for First Time Triathletes

Training for any kind of race demands a certain kind of mindset. But when it comes to training for a triathlon, that mindset is pushed to the absolute limit. 

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How to Get Fit at Home

Getting fit isn’t always as easy as buying a gym membership. Often other factors such as time, money and location can play a big part in whether we are able to actually get to a gym to workout. It’s at times like these that having a good home workout routine can come in super handy. 

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Does Sleep Hypnosis Work?

If you’re reading this, the chances are you have reached the point where you will try anything for a good night’s sleep!

But before you part with your cash, it’s a good idea to find out whether sleep hypnosis actually works.

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How to Reduce Allergens in the Bedroom

The summer months bring many of us lots of joy, but for some it can mean endless days of relentless sneezing, weeping eyes and itchy skin! Hay fever is no walk in the park, especially when temperatures are soaring. It can cause stress and have a huge impact on our sleep patterns. So, what steps can you take to minimise the effects of allergens in your bedroom?


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Positive Affirmations for a Deep Sleep

Sleeping comes naturally to some, but for others it can take a phenomenal amount of effort. If you are the type that tosses and turns for hours before finally drifting off, then you’ve probably tried everything from yoga to essential oils to try and catch some zzz’s.


But did you know that repeating a phrase several times before you go to bed can actually help you to nod off?

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How Smoking Affects Your Sleep
More than 78,000 people in the UK dying from smoking related illnesses every year, making it one of the biggest causes of illness and death in this country. It can affect everything from the mouth and throat to the stomach and bladder. It increases the risk of conditions such as coronary heart disease, strokes, heart attacks, cancer and impotence. But did you know that it can also have a huge impact on your sleep?
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