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Why Sleep is Important for Muscle Growth and Repair

You might think that hitting the gym as often as possible will help you to improve your fitness performance, but did you know that sleep is one of the most vital factors in building and repairing muscle?

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How to Adjust Your Circadian Rhythm
Insomnia, jet lag and night shifts can play havoc with your body clock, affecting your mood, health and concentration. Your internal biological clock, otherwise known as the circadian rhythm, is responsible for keeping your sleep-wake cycle by regulating the timing for periods of sleepiness and wakefulness.
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What is Sleep Apnea?
With snoring affecting over 40% of the UK population, it’s important to know whether the problem is caused by sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a potentially serious disorder which repeatedly interrupts breathing during sleep, meaning that the brain and body do not get enough oxygen during the night. People affected by sleep apnea frequently have low energy, morning headaches and nocturnal urination, so if you think you may be experiencing the symptoms of this disorder it is best to make an appointment with your GP.
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Tips for Managing Insomnia

If you lie awake night after night, staring at the walls while your mind races through a billion different subjects, take solace in that fact that you are not alone. Studies have shown that more than half of adults in the UK struggle with sleep and as many as 36% suffer with chronic insomnia. Nearly 85% of insomnia sufferers report low energy levels and poor concentration, which in turn impacts overall health and well-being. Insomnia is now the most reported mental health complaint in the UK, sufferers complaining of a vicious cycle of poor sleep, anxiety about poor sleep and unhelpful behaviours developed because of it.

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Time for a Siesta?
Good news for anyone who loves an afternoon nap – taking a siesta is actually supposed to be good for you!
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6 Yoga Poses for Sleep
Developing a regular yoga practice not only helps with fitness and flexibility but can also have a huge impact on creating a calm mind before bedtime. The combination of deep breathing and movement creates a unique meditation that activates your parasympathetic nervous system and counteracts stress.
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