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Time for a Siesta?
Good news for anyone who loves an afternoon nap – taking a siesta is actually supposed to be good for you!
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6 Yoga Poses for Sleep
Developing a regular yoga practice not only helps with fitness and flexibility but can also have a huge impact on creating a calm mind before bedtime. The combination of deep breathing and movement creates a unique meditation that activates your parasympathetic nervous system and counteracts stress.
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How to Stop Snoring
What is snoring? If you share a bedroom with a snoring partner (or pet!), chances are you already know what snoring is. For the blissfully unaware, snoring is the sound made by vibrations in the soft palate and tissues of the mouth, nose and throat. When the upper airway is partially blocked, this sound is amplified to varying degrees. The British Snoring & Sleep Apnea Association estimates that at least 41.5% of the adult population snore, which equates to around 15 million people.
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European Product Design Award
2017 SILVER PRIZE WINNER! The EPDA certifies that ZEEQ Smart Pillow has been awarded a Silver Prize in Home Interior Products/Bedroom Furniture/Accessories.
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The Impact of Sleep on Mental Health
Sleep is an essential tool in maintaining mental health. Studies have shown that getting enough rest helps the brain to process emotional information and regulate moods, while a lack of it increases the chances of emotional disturbance and reactivity...
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The Effect of Sleep on Memory

While the relationship between sleep, learning and memory is not yet fully understood, research indicates that that sleep effects both in two ways.

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