Research shows that sleep is one of the most vital functions that your brain needs in order to process information correctly. It helps to cleanse the brain of excessive neural activity which affects your ability to think properly.


According to a 2015 study, participants who solved problems after the right amount of sleep did so much more effectively. This is because the participants were able to restructure their problems against previous experience much more easily.


Sleep is known to have a huge impact on memory, so when we are deprived of sleep our memories are impaired which means that our ability to compare problems with previous experiences we might have had is diminished.


So, while your current problem might not be something that you have exactly dealt with before, the logical process of dealing with a similar issue may have happened in your brain at some point. But when you don’t have enough sleep, your brain cannot recall that process at all, making that decision so much more difficult to make.


So, do your brain a huge favour by switching off and tuning out until the morning.


You will feel much clearer and able to make a much better decision! 


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