Well, it turns out that keeping a cool head helps the body to regulate its core temperature. If we heat up too much, then we try to dissipate the heat by pumping blood to our hands, feet, and head. By transferring the heat through to the pillow, our bodies cool down and allow us to sleep more deeply.


While this is great to know, it doesn’t help you rest when you’re forever trying to find a cool patch to rest your head! Especially if you are prone to overheating in bed, because by the time you come to flip the pillow the other side is still warm.


Sound familiar?


Perhaps it’s time to step up your pillow game. The REM-Fit Snow Pillow means that you always get the cool side of the pillow, without having to flip it at all.


Constructed from Nordic Chill fabric, the Snow Pillow dissipates body heat up to 10 times faster than cotton, even when covered in pillow protectors and pillowcases.


The adaptive springs compress and expand to circulate air through the pillow, working to keep you cool as you sleep while also providing the support you need for the perfect spinal alignment and pressure relief.


This revolutionary pillow is fully temperature regulating which means that you can get the best night’s sleep without having to worry about overheating.


Amazing, right?


And with FREE delivery on our Snow Pillows, how can you afford to miss out?



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