Sleeping on your back is great for the back as it is not contorted and the mattress can offer even support along the length of the spine and neck. Sleeping in this position without a pillow helps the neck to stay in a neutral position, which is great for avoiding aches and pains as there is no pressure or strain on the spine. This position also helps to reduce acid reflux. There are downsides, however, because sleeping on your back increases the chances of snoring and sleep apnoea, as gravity pulls the base of the tongue over the airway and obstructs airflow.


Doctors prescribe side sleeping for those who suffer with sleep apnoea as it keeps the airways open. Side sleeping also eases heartburn and acid reflux and encourages a better quality of rest. Pregnant women are also advised to sleep on their sides due to the improvement of circulation to the heart and decreases any stress on the lower back. If you have invested in a quality mattress with memory foam included, this will actively respond to your back as you sleep on your side and provide support where needed. Make sure the use the correct number of pillows, though, as side sleeping can cause shoulder pains and put pressure on the lungs.


While this can be a great position for reducing sleep apnoea and snoring, sleeping on your front flattens the natural curve of the spine and puts a lot of strain on the neck. If you are committed to sleeping in this position, try putting a pillow under your hips to help the natural curvature of the spine and relieve pressure on the back.

The most important thing to remember is that the quality of your sleep is more important than trying to train your body to sleep in a different position. Investing in a high quality, supportive mattress such as the REM-Fit Sleep 400 will help to reduce any back pains and provide all-round support for your spine and neck.

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