The search for a new mattress can be overwhelming. With memory foam, pocket springs, and orthopaedics to choose from, making the right choice for you can feel like an impossible one. Luckily, hybrid mattresses provide the ultimate solution.

So, that are they?

Hybrid mattresses combine the unparalleled support of pocket spring technology with the superior pressure relief of memory foam. They are, in short, the best of both worlds. While previously mattresses would only use one or the other, using both pocket springs and memory foam creates a sleep surface that cannot be beaten. We take a look at the benefits of these incredible mattresses.


Movement absorption

Pocket springs are brilliant for providing a durable, supportive sleep surface, but by themselves, they can feel pretty bouncy when you share a bed with someone who turns over a lot in the night. But combined with memory foam, the surface absorbs movement and reduces the impact it across the bed.


Cool sleep surface

A mattress with a core constructed of pocket springs allows air to move freely through it, creating a cool sleep surface that helps to reduce the feeling of overheating at the night. When combined with our open-cell memory foam technology which provides advanced temperature regulation, the days of waking up in a hot sweat will be behind you.


Pressure relief

Memory foam gently absorbs the weight of your body, providing a soft but supportive surface that alleviates pressure on the joints. When coupled with a hypoallergenic stretched outer fabric, it can feel like you’re weightless while you sleep.


Improved posture

Maintaining good spinal alignment when we sleep is super important for creating good posture habits during the day. The combination of pocket springs and memory foam means that the spine stays in the correct alignment and the body doesn’t have to work during the night to keep it in check.


Reduction in aches and pains

As the body doesn’t have to work so hard to keep itself aligned during the night and it is correctly supported, you are much less likely to wake up with aches and pains in the morning.


Durable sleep surface

The combination of incredibly durable memory foam and advanced supportive pocket springs means that a hybrid mattress is built to last.


Hybrid mattresses are the future, to find out more about how they will change your life, get in touch with us today!

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