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Tag 'Insomnia'
Can Acupuncture Help with Insomnia?

Sticking sharp needles into various parts of your body might not sound like the perfect way to unwind and drift off to sleep, but studies show that acupuncture can actually have an interesting effect on those who are seeking respite from insomnia.

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5 Surprising Reasons You Can’t Sleep

When we don’t get enough sleep, it can have a huge impact on our health and well-being. Sometimes, however, no matter how hard we try, catching some much-needed zzz’s is an almost impossible task.

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5 Insomnia Cures that Actually Work
If you’re reading this, the chances are you are still wide awake looking for ways to get some shut-eye before dawn breaks. Whether you regularly struggle with sleep or you’re just having a few difficult nights, insomnia can have a huge impact on our well-being and ability to concentrate the next day. So, its super important to try and nip it in the bud as soon as it starts to become a problem.
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Tips for Managing Insomnia

If you lie awake night after night, staring at the walls while your mind races through a billion different subjects, take solace in that fact that you are not alone. Studies have shown that more than half of adults in the UK struggle with sleep and as many as 36% suffer with chronic insomnia. Nearly 85% of insomnia sufferers report low energy levels and poor concentration, which in turn impacts overall health and well-being. Insomnia is now the most reported mental health complaint in the UK, sufferers complaining of a vicious cycle of poor sleep, anxiety about poor sleep and unhelpful behaviours developed because of it.

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Foods to Avoid if You Have Insomnia
In our previous blog, we looked at how tryptophan-rich foods can improve the quality of your sleep. But what about foods which can negatively impact on the quality of your sleep?
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Ways to Get Through the Day on No Sleep

As any insomniac will tell you, the importance of sleep is not to be underestimated. Simply reducing your sleep by an hour a night can result in poor decision-making, an inability to focus and an off-balance circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, most of us have to deal with the consequences of a lack of sleep at some point, whether from partying too hard, working late, suffering the effects of insomnia, or travelling through the night. So, we look at the best ways of managing those days when you’ve just not had enough shut-eye.

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