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Positive Affirmations for a Deep Sleep

Sleeping comes naturally to some, but for others it can take a phenomenal amount of effort. If you are the type that tosses and turns for hours before finally drifting off, then you’ve probably tried everything from yoga to essential oils to try and catch some zzz’s.


But did you know that repeating a phrase several times before you go to bed can actually help you to nod off?

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What are the Benefits of an Orthopaedic Mattress?

Many people wouldn’t think twice about buying the right equipment to compete in a triathlon or swim the Channel. However, despite spending a third of our lives in bed, it seems that plenty of us aren’t properly kitted out in the bedroom. 

Just as you need supportive running shoes for jogging, an orthopaedic mattress provides the support that your spine needs while you sleep. As quality sleep helps us to lose weight, improve memory, and recover from intensive training, mattresses are an investment worth making! 

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