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The Powerful Influence of Dreams

Ever wake up feeling as though you’re still dreaming? We’ve all been there, that hazy morning moment when it’s difficult to tell the difference between reality and unconsciousness. Sometimes dreams can be so intense that they linger for a longer period and feel almost like real memories, which can be a weird sensation, especially when you’ve had some pretty strange dreams! 

But, did you know that your dreams (even the strange ones) can actually influence you in your waking life?

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d.REM Radio - Supported By REM-Fit

Can we alter our dreams?

d.REM is a curatorial project by Allegra Shorto to explore and expand the relationship between art and dream. Each episode is a soundscape lasting the duration of a REM sleep cycle, roughly 90 minutes, to be slept through. 

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What Happens When We Dream?

Ever woken up wondering what on earth was going on in your dreams last night? You’re not alone! Research has shown that whether you remember them or not, everyone dreams when they are asleep. This is because dreaming is a natural process for the brain to go through when it is resting – though science has yet to work out exactly why this is the case.


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