Previously it was thought that exercising in the evening had a detrimental impact on the ability to sleep. From the stimulating impact of raised heart rate and core temperature to the residual muscle soreness, evening exercise has never had a great reputation for its impact on sleep.

However, studies show that evening exercise actually doesn’t have as much of a detrimental impact on sleep as we previously thought. In fact, the opposite can often be true. A group of Swiss researchers looked through the results of 23 studies based on the effect of a single session of evening exercise on sleep. The most common forms of exercise in these studies were running and cycling, with subjects working up a sweat for an average of 87 minutes between 12 minutes to 4 hours before bed.

The results found that evening exercise did not have a detrimental impact on sleep. There was some impact on the time it takes to get to sleep, but in all an evening workout wasn’t as bad as we had previously thought.

But before you start pulling an intense cardio session before you hit the hay, it’s worth remembering that these studies still leave a lot of unanswered questions. The best way to work out what is right for you is to monitor the quality of your sleep after an evening workout. You can then tailor your exercise to suit the needs of your sleep pattern. For example, you might want to switch to yoga instead of spinning to wind down before bed while still getting your exercise. Just remember that exercise is a sleep aid, not a deterrent, so use your common sense and keep getting plenty of shut-eye.

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