If there is one thing that can seriously interfere with sleep patterns, it’s working the night shift. From sluggish limbs and bags under the eyes to insomnia and negative thought patterns, night shifts can take their toll on the body and the mind. So, how do you maintain a sleep cycle when faced with a week or so of working nights?

It’s tricky, but there are plenty of tricks that can make the night shifts easier to manage.


Minimise exposure to light


This is a bit difficult in the summer months, but by minimising exposure to light on the way home from work helps to trick the body into thinking its time to go to sleep. Wear dark sunglasses, a hat and stay covered to reduce the amount of light that your body can perceive. This should help to set the body into a new circadian rhythm.


Go to sleep at the same time


Maintaining a strict schedule on the times that you fall asleep and wake up will also help to set the internal body clock. By keeping up with this schedule on days off, it will be even easier to adjust the body to night working patterns.


Sleep for extended periods


This might seem obvious, but the longer that you can sleep for when it’s time to “go to bed”, the better your body will feel when it’s time to work again. Avoid having catnaps and short bursts of sleep as this will leave the body feeling exhausted. If you wake up at all during the time you are supposed to be asleep, get up and stay awake until you have to work. This way, you should be able to sleep for much longer the following day.


By sticking to these tips and creating a peaceful sleep environment, you should be able to survive night shifts and get your body into a sleeping routine.


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