Have you ever slept in a different bed for the night and woken up feeling so much more rested than you do at home?


It may well be that the different sleep surface and pillow combination enabled you to maintain a better sleep posture as you slept. Just like when we sit at our desks or walk around, posture is an important factor in getting good quality sleep.


But while it’s easy enough to remind yourself to sit or stand up straight during the day, how do you maintain the right posture while you’re asleep?


Front sleepers

While front sleeping is not so taxing for the spine, the neck actually requires some support which it doesn’t get in this position. Front sleeping also increases wrinkles and acne due to the increased contact with the pillow so it may be worth training yourself out of sleeping in this position if this bothers you.


Back sleepers

The good news is that sleeping on your back is the best way to lay because it enables your spine to stay correctly aligned and your neck to stay relatively neutral. If you regularly experience back or neck pain, shifting to lie on your back instead might help to alleviate those aches and pains and reduce stress on the spine. However, sleeping on your back can also exacerbate snoring conditions so it is worth knowing whether you have sleep apnoea or other breathing conditions before you try sleeping in this position.


Side sleepers

Sleeping on your left side is better for your organs and helps to prevent heartburn. It also encourages good spinal alignment provided that the neck is supported correctly with the right pillow and the mattress is supportive enough to take the strain off of the spine. To maximise the spinal benefits of this position, use a wedge pillow between your knees to reduce the pressure on your hips and encourage the right alignment.


Always try to find a position that enables your spine to be as parallel to the floor as possible as this will help to reduce back and neck pains while promoting good sleep posture.

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