Guided meditations are a way of relaxing the mind and body in order to achieve a goal. There are many types of guided meditation, some have nature sounds playing in the background, others have music, and some have nothing but a voice guiding you on your journey. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to guided meditations; it’s just about finding the right one for you.

One of the main goals of any meditation is breathing. By taking long, deep breaths, you turn your focus to your breathing, which helps you to clear your mind. This is particularly helpful for those days when you’re feeling stressed or busy.

Many people worry that their minds are too busy for meditation, but this is precisely when meditation can help. You can’t stop the thoughts from coming into your mind, but you can train your mind to simply observe them and let them go while you focus on relaxing your body.

Our brains use four different brainwaves to conduct measurable activity, these are alpha, beta, delta and theta.

● Alpha waves are used for focus, emotions and relaxation
● Beta waves are for concentration and anxiety
● Delta waves are associated with deep and dreamless sleep
● Theta waves are for dream states

To achieve sleep, the brain must go through each of these brainwave stages. Guided meditation enables this transition to occur as it takes the mind and body through a relaxation process. This process works to clear the mind, relax muscles, deepen the breath and move closer towards a peaceful sleep.

By transitioning through the four brainwave stages, the mind and body are able to achieve the ultimate goal of sleep. There are plenty of guided meditations available online and using apps. Playing them through a smart pillow like the Zeeq is the optimum way to achieve a deep and peaceful night’s sleep.

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