Can we alter our dreams?

d.REM is a curatorial project by Allegra Shorto to explore and expand the relationship between art and dream. Each episode is a soundscape lasting the duration of a REM sleep cycle, roughly 90 minutes, to be slept through. Artists are invited to fill this time as they imagine it. The sounds may be incorporated into the narrative of the dream, alter it's content or partially wake listeners, making them aware that they are dreaming. Mimicking the cyclical stages of the sleeping mind, the resulting soundscapes flit from silence to resounding repetition, perhaps causing dream ripples. Participants include artists Gregory Barsamian, Lee Berwick, Delia Gonzalez, Dr Keith Hearne, Kurt Hentschlager, Jacob Kierkegaard, Robert Rich and Chu-Li Shewring. Listeners are invited to write in to with their interpretation of the sound and how it affected their dreams.

Tune into the first broadcast July 18th, 00:00 hours

"Crepuscule" by Gregory Barsamian and Kurt Hentschlager. With original spoken word contribution by Sharon M. Vansluijs. Sleep tape excerpts by Dr William Chambers

d.REM radio is supported by REM-Fit