We’re all used to feeling a bit groggy when the alarm goes off in the morning, but if you find you’re spending most nights tossing and turning it might be that one of these five things are disturbing the quality of your sleep.

 1. Routine Disruption

Everyone has an internal body clock, known as a circadian rhythm. This natural rhythm can be thrown out of sync by insomnia, medication, pregnancy, jet lag, or night shifts, making it difficult for you to get into a regular wake-sleep cycle. To combat the effects of this, it is important to avoid napping, keep a regular sleep-wake schedule, use black-out blinds, and a sleep monitoring system to bring your natural clock back into line.

 2. Stimulants

It seems kind of obvious to avoid drinking coffee before bed, but did you know that the effects of caffeine last for much longer than a few hours? Limiting or banning an intake of sugar and caffeine after 12 noon can have a huge impact on your ability to sleep later in the evening. Also avoid eating any foods rich in tyramine, such as cheese, nuts, red wine and bacon as these are also stimulants which can make it tricky to drift off to sleep. 

 3. Temperature

Research has shown that a temperature of between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius is optimal for sleeping, anything above or below that can have a very disruptive effect on your sleep. Avoid having hot baths and showers before bed as this can raise the core temperature of the body and make it difficult to rest. Also make sure that you use the correct weight of duvet to avoid getting too hot or cold in the night.

 4. Noise

Many people are affected by the smallest sounds in and around the house, which can wake you up as you enter the light sleep stage. Limit the impact of these sounds by listening to a recording of soothing nature sounds to help you drift off, or think about investing in some quality ear plugs to cancel out louder sounds. Make sure you switch you phone to silent so that emails and texts don’t disturb you in the night.

 5. Overthinking

At some point or another, everyone will have suffered from the dreaded stress of overthinking before bed. Worrying and stress are two of the biggest sleep inhibitors so it is vitally important to try and reduce them before you go to bed. If you are finding it hard to stop thinking about an issue, try listening to a guided meditation, read a relaxing book, or complete a puzzle before you drift off. This will help to re-focus your mind on the task of sleep and may make it easier for you to drift off.

If you are unsure whether you are getting enough deep sleep, a sleep monitoring system will provide you with accurate data on your sleep patterns. This data allows you to identify any disruptions to your sleep cycle which means you can work on improving the quality of your rest.

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