When it comes to investing in good quality items, learning how to take good care of them is key. In much the same way that you take your car to the garage for check-ups, or have your boiler serviced, your mattress also needs regular attention to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible. Good care will ensure that your mattress lasts and provides you with optimum support for as long as possible. Here are 5 ways that you can take care of your new mattress. 

1. Air your mattress
Letting your mattress air out when it first arrives is always advisable, but it is also a good idea to get into a daily habit of allowing the mattress to air when you first get out of bed. Take off the covers and let the bed to air for around half an hour to allow anybody moisture to evaporate. In the summer months, you can also use the power of the sun to clean your mattress and remove any odours, simply put it in the garden and let the sun do its work!

2. Use a mattress protector
Mattress protectors are super important for keeping your mattress in tip top condition. They protect the sleep surface from spills and stains as well as helping to keep dust mites and allergies at bay.

3. Vacuum your mattress
Did you know that the average human sheds up to 450kg of dead skin every year? As we spend so much time in bed, a lot of this dead skin accumulates in the mattress and makes it an attractive spot for dust mites to hang out. This can lead to allergy flare ups which can make it hard to sleep. Get into the habit of regularly vacuuming all sides of the mattress to keep it as clean and dust free as possible. 

4. Turn the mattress regularly
Always check the manufacturing instructions for your mattress, as not all of them will require turning. For example, memory foam mattresses are only likely to need rotating once in a while. But if it does need turning, try to flip and rotate it every month or so to keep the sleep surface super supportive.

5. Avoid bouncing on it
As much fun as it can be, bouncing on the mattress can reduce structural integrity. This means that it won’t be as supportive or comfortable – so avoid children or pets jumping on the bed and refrain from sitting on the edges

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