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Tips for Staying Motivated in January

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Blue Monday, the term given to the second Monday back to work, supposedly the most depressing day of the year, is behind us. The first hurdle of January is over! Time to start looking forward to the daffodils sprouting and actually being able to see them as it's not pitch black on the way to and from the office. The smoothies become less of a chore to make, the protein shakes easier to gulp down. Many see the new year as the easiest time to be full of motivation, as you create new workout routines and nutrition lists. 

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Fitness Trends for 2018

There are some fitness crazes that come and go (50 Shapes of Gray, anyone?), but some fitness trends are so cool they end up revolutionising the world of keeping fit. 

Whether you’re looking for motivation to start a new regime or you simply want to freshen up your existing one, then one of the trends for 2018 may well be for you. 

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Strategies for Sticking to Fitness Resolutions

So, you’ve made the resolutions, you’re determined that this is your year, now it’s time to crack on and smash your fitness goals. 

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Reasons You Need to Take Up Yoga
Yoga might look pretty easy, but all that bending and breathing can be an amazing addition to your workout routine. Sure, you get the weight loss and the toned muscles, but actually, it is the art of uniting your mind, body, and breath that has the best benefits. After all, who doesn’t want to go through life calmer, happier, and in harmony with themselves?
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The Benefits of Keeping Cool While You Sleep
We all have our own preferences when it comes to falling asleep. But did you know that keeping cool while you sleep is actually beneficial for your health? Studies have shown that keeping the brain and body cool when trying to catch some zzz’s will not only help battle.
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4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Exercise Routine
Efficiency doesn’t just apply to your energy bills, it also applies to your workout regime. It’s a fact that results come faster when you maximise the impact of each workout, by making each rep, step, and bead of sweat count.
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