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How to Sleep Without Air Con

Summer is well and truly here, which means lazy sunny days and warm summer evenings. While this is great for the waking hours, the UK isn’t that well equipped to deal with heat at night time due to our distinct lack of air conditioning. But if you want to make sure that you get a good night’s rest, then one of the most important factors is the temperature of your environment. 

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d.REM is a curatorial project conceived by Allegra Shorto to explore and expand the relationship between art and dream. It unites thinkers from the fields of art, music and science to trace the blurred boundary between sleep and wakefulness. Through a series of dream interventions, artists attempt to penetrate the dream state by curating sleeping environments. They create sensory installations that probe sleepers with feelings, sounds and smells that may be incorporated into the narrative of dreams; alter their content or partially wake participants, making them aware that they are dreaming.

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5 Hacks for A Great Night’s Sleep

Unfortunately, getting a good night’s sleep is not as easy as just lying down and closing your eyes. Sometimes we get a little lost in the hectic buzz of modern life. But, sleep is the best way that we can switch off and recharge so it’s vitally important that we do so. To that end, here are a few handy little hacks we’ve found that can easily help you drift off into sumptuous slumber. 

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Why White Noise Helps You to Sleep

While some people are able to sleep in noisy environments, others can find it super tricky to drop off when there are distracting sounds happening. From the neighbour’s music to the sound of your partner snoring, there are plenty of noises that can keep some of us awake for hours on end.

This is where White Noise comes in. 

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What Happens When We Dream?

Ever woken up wondering what on earth was going on in your dreams last night? You’re not alone! Research has shown that whether you remember them or not, everyone dreams when they are asleep. This is because dreaming is a natural process for the brain to go through when it is resting – though science has yet to work out exactly why this is the case.


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5 Top Tips for Repaying Your Sleep Debt

Whether you’re a lifelong night owl, a new parent or you go through bouts of sleeplessness, surviving on less than 6 hours a night can put you into a sleep debt. Sleep debt? What’s that all about then?

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