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At REM-Fit, we believe that great days come from good nights. We know that energy comes from rest and recovery, so we’ve developed industry leading sleep technology which empowers you to consistent great sleep followed by great days!

Which? Best Buy 2020

"Even after years of use, the 500 Ortho mattress will still be as good as new. After simulating 10 years of use in our tough durability tests, this mattress hadn't sagged, softened or become less supportive."

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Good Housekeeping Institute

"Being a slightly softer mattress, testers enjoyed the cloud-like and luxurious experience of sleeping on the REM-Fit 600 Lux. It enabled an undisturbed night’s sleep with the layers effectively moulding and supporting testers."

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Real Homes

"Supportive, comfortable and competitively priced, we highly rate the REM-Fit 400 hybrid mattress which has two (more) very happy customers"

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Good Homes

"The REM-Fit 600 mattress cradles the weight of the body, providing a soft and sumptuous feel, whilst still delivering great support without the without that weird sinking feeling you can get with some memory foam mattresses."

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The Mattress Guide

"REM-Fit has equipped this mattress with all the tools to combat back pain, especially if you are needing a slightly firmer feeling mattress."

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Sleep Goodness

"The REM-Fit 500 Ortho is an affordable option and I recommend to everyone who suffers from back pain. It’s a hybrid mattress that comes with a firmer feel and it’s built with high-quality materials. It features a 4-layer design and it’s built here in the UK."

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Best Cooling Mattress

"The springs improve airflow and the upper Open Cell foam layer does an excellent job keeping the sleeping surface cool."

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Sleep on it, jump on it and everything in between - it's yours for 100 nights to fall in love with. If it's not right for you, we'll collect for free and refund you in full.

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