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We offer a 100-night trial on all mattresses to give you the chance to test your purchase in the comfort of your own home and actually sleep on it. We do require that mattresses must be used for a minimum of 30 nights before a free return can be requested, any return requests before the initial 30 days will only be accepted where the mattress has not been unpackaged and used. 

We collect the mattresses for free and then issue a full refund back to you, making shopping with REM-Fit 100% risk free!

No, we donate 100% of our returned mattresses to the British Heart Foundation. We also collect the mattresses for free and then issue a full refund back to you, making shopping with REM-Fit 100% risk free!



This is no ordinary mattress - we take sleep and recovery very seriously, listen closely.

 The Rem-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress is combined with an innovative state-of-the-art Rem-Fit Sleep Monitor and app, which acts as your personal sleep consultant. Giving you the power to monitoranalyse and improve your sleep.

Engineered with 6 layers of comfort and support, the REM-Fit Sleep 400 mattress features: 

-        A deep layer of Cool Gel infused Memory foam to regulate your temperature and keep you cool throughout the night.

-        Adaptive mediflex foam for pressure relieving comfort for lower and upper back support.

-        1,000 individually pocketed interactive springs, eliminating roll together whilst producing a perfectly balanced tension.

-        Wide side support walls to deliver total edge-to-edge support.

-         Strengthened with a base layer core to provide the foundations for a great night’s sleep.

-        The sleep surface is knitted using our exclusive Thermoregulating Re-Ax fibre cover for comfort and breathability.

These sophisticated hybrid features combined with the Sleep tracker technology, help intensify your recovery, giving you more power and energy to tackle your day. 

With a 10-year mattress guarantee, a 100-night mattress sleep trial and next day delivery, you can take control of your sleep with the REM-Fit system today!

The REM-Fit 400 mattress is sumptuously soft to touch whilst supportive at the same time thanks to its 14cm high pocket springs. Pocket springs combined with cool gel infused memory foam is what classifies the REM-Fit 400 as a hybrid mattress. To ensure optimum comfort and recovery is always achieved we engineered an extra layer of Mediflex memory foam, side encapsulating walls and a strong foam base to ensure guaranteed longevity and robustness. The end result is a perfect mattress tension suitable for all shapes, sizes and sleeping positions. 
During our extensive testing phase we discovered that pocket springs under 14cm in height become less effective at preventing partner move disturbance, which is why our pocket springs are exactly 14cm high, resulting in an ideal balance between comfort and support

Accurately recording awake time, light sleep, mid-sleep and deep sleep as well as your movements throughout the night, the REM-Fit sleep monitoring system allows you to get a deeper understanding of your sleep patterns so that you can adjust and improve your rest. 
Most importantly, the REM-Fit Sleep Monitor accurately records your heart and respiratory rates and records them in the REM-Fit Sleep App, giving you a detailed insight into your sleep.

Incorporating a state-of-the-art sleep system such as REM-Fit Sleep Monitor into your routine will provide detailed insight into your sleep cycles, providing you with accurate measurements which allow you to identify adjustments to improve your rest. 

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